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About Us

We are a grassroots, Syrian-led, youth movement working to heal the wounds from violence, to strengthen our common values, dreams, and goals, and to nurture relationships among our people in order to bring back stability and peace to our communities and rebuild our homeland, Syria.

Our Goal: As facilitators of peace in our communities, our aim is to build resilience to violent conflict and strengthen Syrian values and traditions of reconciliation, harmony and tolerance.

Our Approach

We are working to empower Syrian youth by establishing a network that connects Syrian youth with peacebuilding practitioners, the international community, and with each other, to enhance their capacities to effectively mitigate conflict and rebuild trust in Syria. In parallel, our strategy includes facilitating dialogue both at the community level, among stakeholders, but also using social media to advocate for non-violent approaches to resolving conflict.

  • Mobilize and train Syrian youth expatriates and nationals interested in becoming peer educators and peacebuilders.
  • Empower Syrian youth to engage stakeholders and “movers and shakers” in the community to facilitate dialogue and maintain social cohesion.
  • Connect Syrian youth with a network of professionals (researchers, doctors, teachers, nurses, psychologists, conflict resolution practitioners, professors, and others) to support them in rebuilding Syria.

Our Perspective

The unrest that began in 2011 has resulted in the loss of thousands of Syrian lives, displaced millions of people internally, and caused a flight of millions more to neighboring countries and beyond. The economy has been devastated and the social cohesion Syrians once took pride in has been imperiled by fear, resentment, and distrust.

We recognize that the situation of social cohesion varies from town to town and that the various perspectives about conflict, all of which are valid, are based on each community’s experience with violence and repression. Stereotyping and demonizing of ‘the other’ have been manifested in the local Syrian language, with new terms now being used in everyday life that are increasing polarization and insecurity.

While conflict is a natural fact of life that is inherent and inevitable, it is how we deal with conflict that can lead to either positive or negative outcomes. We are working together to reinforce our Syrian values and traditions, to create new mechanisms based on those values, so that future responses to conflict do not lead to violence. Recognizing that Syria’s prosperity and development is contingent on peace requires that Syrians take ownership of the reconciliation process.

Recognizing the power of our youth and the role they will have in influencing Syria’s future is of utmost importance. Securing Syria’s future requires the empowerment of our youth to be facilitators of peace in their communities and active agents for reconciliation.